Transform IT Podcast Ep.12:
The Time is NOW!

In our Transform IT Season 2 opener, longtime hosts Miraj and Patrick sit down with Smartbridge CEO, Sri “Raj” Raju to discuss the strategic approach to transforming your business.

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“Empowering Innovation”

Digital transformation has now become a frequently used term in business today. As 2019 brings about new trends in technology, organizations now more than ever are recognizing the importance of adapting new methods to automate their practices. C-level executives are especially pressed to make an impact on their businesses through digital transformation.

We are approaching an era where IT can no longer operate as a separate entity from the business. Companies are recognizing the importance of pairing IT expertise with standard business practices to further automate existing processes. From the perspective of a CEO or CIO, what are the essential elements of adapting a strategic mindset of transformation? Further, how do you ensure a foundation of innovation grows within your business?

Digital transformation is not just about technology. Technology is just an enabler to transform. It has to start with a strategy. The organization has to have the belief that they want to transform themselves and get ahead using the digital capabilities that technology offers.

CEO, Sri “Raj” Raju

Listen as Raj discusses the importance of pairing a strategic approach to your digital transformation efforts.

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