Standardized Reports and Dashboards for a Fortune 500 Company

The Facilities Services unit of a $7+ billion dollar Fortune 500 company was dealing with a proliferation of operational reporting. These reports were unique to each of our client’s customers, and initially customized with very little standards. This made maintenance and support of our client’s reporting methods extremely difficult. The client engaged Smartbridge to design and deliver a set of standardized reports and dashboards, establishing the foundation of a new approach to operational reporting across their wide customer base.

Smartbridge took a phased approach to the project undertaking, focusing initially on the architecture of a multi-tenant reporting solution to accommodate each customer in a secure, high-performing environment. Next, Smartbridge underwent the design phase to create a standardized set of dashboards that would meet the needs of each customer. This was done by conducting a series of workshops with a diverse team of business analysts.

Smartbridge is now in the implementation phase of this project, integrating the multi-tenant reporting on our client’s Tableau platform. The dashboards will be published both internally, and to our clients customer base within the next month.


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