Smartbridge Takes to the Radio with “Price of Business” Interview

Smartbridge was recently featured on KTEK Studio’s business-oriented talk show The Price of Business. As Houston’s foremost platform for local business news, The Price of Business focuses on innovative local business owners within the Houston community. Smartbridge founder and CEO Sri Raju met with host Charles Alvarez to speak about Smartbridge’s methodology and services.

The segment details Smartbridge’s client-centered approach to analyzing and solving issues with industry-standard technology. Through comprehensive analysis and intimate knowledge of the best ERP platforms, Smartbridge provides implementation plans that leverage people, processes, and technology to meet clients’ unique business objectives and expectations.

“Most of the time, when customers have have business problems it’s really not about technology,” explains Raju. “It’s mostly about the process, then people who execute the process, and then technology that enables the process. […] In every problem, [look at the] people, process, and technology – otherwise, you’re shortchanging yourself.”

The segment also covered an important case study of one of Smartbridge’s oldest clients, a Texas food service icon many Houstonians know and love. Listen to the interview in full below for more industry insights:

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