Salesforce Deduplication for a Medical Device Manufacturer with DemandTools


This billion-dollar client is a medical device manufacturing company that specializes in devices used for cardiac surgery and neuromodulation. Their devices and therapies are used worldwide, and they have a presence in more than 100 countries, employing 4,000+ people.

EMPLOYEES: 20,000+
INDUSTRY: Medical Devices / Manufacturing

Data Duplication Claims Another Victim

The medical device client faced a growing problem with duplicate contact records in their Salesforce instance. Inaccurate data entry, mergers, and acquisitions had created a cluttered database, hindering sales and marketing efforts. This lack of clean, unified contact information hampered outreach, reporting, and overall customer relationship management.

The Smartbridge Solution

DemandTools is a powerful data cleansing and enrichment platform for Salesforce. Leveraging DemandTools’ capabilities, we implemented an end-to-end process to identify and eliminate duplicate contact records. (Learn more about DemandTools)

Salesforce Deduplication in Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

DemandTools for Salesforce Deduplication

Key Steps for Data Deduplication:

NPI-Centric Identification: Recognizing the unique identifying power of National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) in the healthcare industry, we built a scenario within DemandTools that specifically filtered for contacts containing NPI values. This targeted approach ensured we focused on relevant records and minimized unnecessary processing.

NPI Matching: Utilizing DemandTools’ powerful matching algorithms, we employed NPI as a key identifier to detect potential duplicates. This efficient methodology enabled us to quickly pinpoint records with similar or identical NPIs, significantly reducing manual review time.

Enhanced Decision-Making: To facilitate user-driven data cleansing, we created a new picklist field within Salesforce called “Merge Type” with two options: “Primary” and “Secondary.” When duplicate contacts were identified, users could leverage this field to designate the correct “Primary” record – the one to retain – and mark the others as “Secondary.” This intuitive approach empowered users to actively participate in data cleansing, ensuring accurate and relevant contact information.

Seamless Record Merging: Once users defined the “Primary” and “Secondary” records, DemandTools facilitated a seamless merging process. This automated mechanism transferred all associated data points from the “Secondary” records – including related opportunities, tasks, and notes – to the designated “Primary” record. This ensured a comprehensive single source of truth for each contact, eliminating redundant information and streamlining future interactions.

Medical Device Industry Services

Smartbridge has extensive experience in delivering Salesforce services to life sciences & medical device companies, in addition to many other digital solutions.

Results – Trust in Data Restored!

The implementation of this DemandTools-powered solution yielded significant benefits for the medical device manufacturer:

Increased Data Accuracy: Duplicate contact records were significantly reduced, leading to a cleaner and more reliable customer database.

Improved Sales & Marketing Efficiency: Accurate contact information facilitated targeted outreach and personalized interactions, boosting sales and marketing effectiveness.

Enhanced User Confidence: Empowered users actively participated in data cleansing, fostering a sense of ownership and trust in the data’s accuracy.

Streamlined Reporting & Analysis: Accurate and consolidated customer data enabled precise reporting and insightful analysis, driving more informed business decisions.

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