RPA in Action with UiPath

RPA for an Innovative Workforce

UiPath has gain a reputation as a leader in RPA development since automation emerged into business. As UiPath partners, our team of experts are highly trained and capable of integrating RPA into our trusted client’s processes. In fact, for some consultants, our expertise has stretched beyond the confines of normal business hours. Here is a real use case of RPA integration using UiPath.

RPA integration using UiPath

ASmartbridge consultant recognized the opportunity to implement his UiPath expertise into a real working use case during his spare time. In this use case, volunteers and workers were spending too much time on mundane processing while other tasks needed more focus. Something needed to be done.

A local animal shelter was manually inputting and updating various forms of data for each animal as they were processed. Like many shelters in the Houston area, an ever-growing population of animals can be difficult to process and track in this manner. Following an RPA integration, the manual stimulation of this task has now been eliminated. Hours of work has been condensed into just seconds, and volunteers are now able to complete more pressing tasks.

Put RPA to Work in Your Business

If our team of RPA specialists recognize and implement automative practices in their spare time, what do you think we can do for you? Our specialists will lead you through your automation journey to create a future-state automation strategy and road map. Through our partnership with UiPath, we integrate the following tools into your companies strategy:

  •  Education

  •  Workshops

  •  Interviews

  •  Technical Assessments

We place you on a journey that creates market differentiation relative to your competition. Leave the mundane tasks to the bots. Don’t wait to automate your standard business practices.

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