A Unified View of Customer Satisfaction at a Fast Casual Restaurant Company

Smartbridge’s client, a $2 Billion Fast Casual Restaurant Company, cares about its customers and values their feedback. They utilize several channels to measure customer satisfaction and engage with customers including customer surveys, mystery shoppers, a customer call center, and store audits to name a few.

The challenge is that each of these channels had its own siloed data and reporting, especially given that most of these channels were executed by external vendors. The client had no single view of their customer data and, furthermore, could not correlate that to other areas of operations to determine influence.

Smartbridge executed a project to consolidate all of the customer engagement channels into their existing Netezza data warehouse. The solution leveraged Informatica to develop a workflow whereby web services were called to incrementally retrieve customer data as it became available from the external vendor systems.

The end result was a new consolidated guest subject area in the data warehouse that would allow for a unified view of customer satisfaction and the ability to correlate customer satisfaction to other key performance indicators.


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