Smartbridge Launches KitchIntel

Decision-Making Cooking Intelligence for Multi-Unit Restaurants

  • KitchIntel tells cook staff when to drop food and how much, based on forecasts tailored to individual stores

  • Immediate return on food consistency, freshness and speed of service for QSRs and Fast Casual

  • KitchIntel debuts at MURTEC 2020, with 130 QSR locations already seeing the benefits daily

  • Automation for back-of-house without significant reworking of business systems, less demand on internal resources

HOUSTON, TEXAS, March 2, 2020 – Restaurant technology consultancy Smartbridge has announced the launch of KitchIntel, cooking intelligence to reduce food waste, increase speed of service, ensure freshness and reduce labor training.

From an Android tablet or iPad, KitchIntel informs cook staff when to drop food and how much, based on forecasts tailored to individual stores. These forecasts predict the quantity of food necessary to cook based on a variety of factors, including time of day, holidays, weather, sales data and more. Staff training is drastically reduced and cooking consistency vastly improved, as KitchIntel alerts when to turn proteins, when to put them on hold or waste food. Staff log food waste by amount and reason and managers receive a variety of activity reports.

According to the Hospitality Technology 2019 Restaurant Technology Study, IT budgets are expected to grow at modest rates, if at all. Restaurant operators are looking for ways to improve analytics and increase employee efficiency while still being held back by legacy systems. KitchIntel is an automation solution that doesn’t require significant reworking of business systems or demand on internal resources.

Since 2019, KitchIntel has been deployed at a large Florida-based QSR, operating at 130 of their locations. “KitchIntel has helped us take the guesswork out of the cook’s hands. This solution has transformed the most critical component – the kitchen – in our business.” – COO of the fast casual brand. KitchIntel is adding sizzle to the sales at the QSR with fresher food and less waste. With on-going data capture and app utilization, the heat will be turned up on the forecasting model which continues to improve, and capabilities will be added to incorporate catering into the cooking forecast.

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Smartbridge’s experience has been built on our work with forward-thinking restaurants. Since 2003, the technology innovation consultancy has partnered with multi-unit large restaurant brands – QSRs to full-service. The suite of Smartbridge services includes systems modernization and integration, data & analytics, robotic process automation, AI/ML, and custom development. An empathetic approach to understanding customer challenges is bred into the Smartbridge culture. It is evidenced by our ability to bring ideation to life for customers and ourselves. As thought leaders with a track record of successful project execution, Smartbridge is committed to fueling innovation, with KitchIntel being a prime example.

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