Architecting & Initiating a Business Intelligence Program

The Client

A fast casual restaurant with over 900 locations since 1993.

The Problem

Until recently, the restaurant did not use a BI platform for their reporting needs in spite of tremendous growth they have experienced in the past few years. They had a need to move towards an enterprise, integrated business intelligence solution but was looking for help to justify that approach to the business and executives.

The Solution

Smartbridge conducted an assessment that started with interviews across the enterprise including Field Controllers, Supply Chain, HR, FP&A, Accounting, Marketing, and Operations.

The highest value drivers were identified for the BI program and a business case for change was delivered. The high level components for the BI program and a process to move to future state were also identified.

The Result

The restaurant was successful at securing executive support for the program and Smartbridge was then engaged to help get the initiative off the ground.

The finance team later noted that the business case for change was a key factor in getting buy in from the organization.

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