Transform IT Podcast
Adapt or Die!

In our Transform IT Season opener, our in-house hosts Miraj Jiwani and Patrick Pahls dive into what you can expect from our new podcast!

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“Adapt or Die!”

Have you heard that you have to undergo a “digital transformation” in order for your business to stay afloat? Do you feel the pressure to re-invent your current processes and technology? If you’re in IT, you know the pressure all too well. If you’re in marketing, finance, or any other department, the pressure to work with or around IT can cause friction.

Smartbridge is pleased to announce our new podcast, Transform IT. Hosts, and dedicated Smartbridge “Smarties”, Patrick Pahls and Miraj Ali break down some of the most relevant IT topics du jour, with interviews from our favorite subject-matter experts.

Each episode of our first season will be released every other Tuesday.

How do you maintain the relevancy of your company in the long term? Can you really die if you don’t adapt, now? Look at the facts. Only the strong businesses survive in this era. Hosts Patrick Pahls and Miraj Ali will share some relatable examples of businesses that adapted – and those that died.

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