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Project Description

Updating In-Store Restaurant POS / BOS Technology

The Client

A privately held quick service restaurant chain with over 800 locations spread across multiple states. Their restaurants operate 24×7 in almost all locations.

The Problem

The client’s in-store POS (Point of Sale) and custom-built BOS (Back Office System) were old and antiquated. The systems were cumbersome to use and took a long time for new team members to learn to use them, leading to operational inefficiencies. The company decided to select, configure and deploy a new POS / BOS system that would meet the company’s growing business needs.

The Solution

Smartbridge‘s familiarity with the QSR industry and the client’s operations processes enabled us to assist the client achieve this business goal by executing a series of projects:

  1. Restaurant technology software selection – choose the right POS / BOS vendor based on the business and technical requirements – vendors included Micros, Radiant, Xpient, PAR and others.
  2. Technology set up and implementation – configuration (items, menus, prices, inventory, procurement, labor), end-of-shift and end-of day processing, customizations, reports, interfaces, and new applications.
  3. Quality assurance and pilot rollout – worked closely with the vendor, handled software builds, quality verification, bug tracking and coordination with the vendor and pilot deployment.
  4. Deployment – Smartbridge managed and executed the deployment of the new POS / BOS across 550 stores including installation of new cabling, hardware (POS, BOS, KDS, Credit card terminals) and new network deployment.

With stores operating in a 24×7 environment, Smartbridge coordinated multiple 3rd party service providers and deployed the new systems at night with limited down-time by working overnight, and 7 days a week.

The Result

The stores are reaping the benefits of the new restaurant technology system. Systems are running smoothly with significant benefits.

  • POS / BOS is much easier to use, and faster – improving order taking time and efficiency. In addition, the new hardware and KDS has improved operational performance, and reduced downtime due to system failures.
  • The BOS features includes new applications to help manage labor, food cost, and sales forecasting – allowing general manager to spend less time on the computer and more time running the store.
  • Overall the technology updates provide the flexibility for new add-on features such as remote ordering, NFC support for alternative payment systems, and integration of loyalty/gift card programs.

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