Panelists Explore the Future
of Robotic Process Automation

Today is YOUR RPA Day! Our panel of esteemed industry experts share their experience deploying RPA in their organizations, critical lessons learned in the process, and best practices for building a workforce geared towards the future of Robotic Process Automation.

RPA Day | A Gathering of Innovative Business Leaders

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is impacting businesses at an alarming rate. Various industries are bracing themselves for the wave of automation that is fluctuating through organizations at breakneck speed, positively disrupting mundane, time-consuming processes.

If organizations are going to thrive among competitors, they must embrace an innovative mindset, automating routine tasks to allow their human workforce to focus on creative initiatives. RPA is the key to this advantage, and various businesses in unique industries are leveraging this technology to grow their organization into a digitally transformed powerhouse.

Recently, Smartbridge brought together a panel of thought leaders to share their experience implementing RPA within their organizations. Streaming the event from YouTube Live, RPA Day served as an opportunity to engage with business professionals watching around the world.

Within an hour of invaluable information, our guests shared the milestones, strategies, and organizational impact RPA continues to have in their workplace. Further, each panelist had the opportunity to answer various common questions regarding the impact automation is having on business today.

the future of Robotic Process Automation

Today is YOUR RPA Day

The plethora of information shared during RPA Day continues to resonate with past and previous viewers. If you’re a business professional, adopting an open mind to this digital wave of business is critical, especially pertaining to automation.

The time to adopt RPA is NOW, so get off the fence. If you don’t, your competition will.

Sanat Nileshwar, Senior Director

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Primary Topics and Spotlight Time Stamps:

George Danner: Author, Data Scientist, and CEO of Business Laboratory

Minute 02:57

  • The industry-wide impact of automation in business.

  • The future of robotic process automation, and how RPA will impact more intelligent processes.

  • The holistic approach to RPA implementation.

Steven Fein: Senior Manager, Internal Controls and Business Processes at Buckeye Partners, L.P.

Minute 20:02

  • The impact RPA has on onboarding new hires, and those learning a new role.

  • The linear path on your RPA journey.

  • The value of implementing RPA into your organization.

  • Understanding current processes better than ever before after implementing RPA.

  • Internal lessons learned from Buckeye during the implementation phase.

Kemal Anbarci: Managing Venture Executive at Chevron Technology Ventures

Minute 35:12

  • How RPA can trigger new avenues of digital innovation in the business

  • RPA beach-heading new changes in the organization.

  • Venture capital implementation of RPA.

Sanat Nileshwar: Senior Director at Smartbridge

Minute 46:57

  • RPA does not require IT dependency, and business professionals can act independently.

  • Adoption of automation is critical to stay ahead of the competition in multiple industries.

  • Adopting a POC in the RPA onboarding process.

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