On Demand Webinar: Performance Tuning Your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Environment

Smartbridge On Demand Webinar Series

Achieving optimal performance in any system environment is always a challenge, even more so with the complexity involved with the many integrated components of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

This on-demand webinar focuses on performance tuning best practices, as we provide guidance on troubleshooting performance issues, defining an approach to identifying bottlenecks, and helpful tuning tips.

You’ll understand the many layers and components that will need to be monitored and adjusted to improve performance within the JD Edwards environment architecture.

We’ll help you answer questions such as, “What tools can I use to measure performance?”, “What are key system performance metrics?” and, ”What adjustments can I make to each layer to increase performance– web server, application server, or database?”

The on-demand webinar will focus on:

  • JD Edwards architecture and components
  • Performance tools and metrics to monitor
  • Creating a performance tuning plan and key considerations
  • Tuning tips for web HTTP servers, Java, and web applications
  • Monitoring and tuning JD Edwards processes and kernels
  • Database setting and performance tips for Oracle and SQL Server, tracing SQL statements and identifying bottlenecks
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  • bonniebourgini

    Thoughtful commentary ! I learned a lot from the analysis ! Does someone know where my business would be able to locate a sample RI DoT RI-1040NR example to type on ?

  • FloridaHafner1234

    Just what I was looking for. I need help with this too! I just filled out NY DTF IT-370 with an online software. It looked much better typed than hand-written. I used http://goo.gl/PcuFRH and it’s very easy to use.