Low Code Application Platforms

Businesses today are working with more data than ever before. Data needs to be captured, validated, and integrated with all the other platforms used by the organization. Traditionally, this is where a custom application may be required. However, more and more businesses are now adopting a low code platform solution instead of investing fully into building a custom application for their business-to-employee solutions.

In an ever-changing software landscape, organizations are looking for rapid development and deployment of applications that can be used to quickly reap the benefits. Low Code Application Platforms provide organizations with just the answer because they offer a very low cost of entry and provide much shorter time to build and deploy applications to their users.

As application needs changes, the ability to quickly modify or build a new app allows companies to be more agile and dynamic than ever before. On top of that, low code, doesn’t mean low functionality. In fact, the opposite is quite true. Low code platforms often come with pre-built connectors and components that work with many mainstream applications out there. So there’s no need to recreate what has already been done for you, and it allows developers to focus on the core business logic required rather than spend time trying to figure out how to talk to a variety of different applications.


  • A Rapid Development Environment
  • Single Step Deployment
  • Application Management and Security Built-In
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Integration with 3rd Party Platforms and APIs
  • Little to No Infrastructure or IT Support Required
  • Low Entry Price to Get Started


Spend Less Time Building, More Time Using

  • Low Code platforms contain everything you need to build, test, and deploy multiple apps to your organization. With the built-in user management functionality you can specify who your users are and deploy to them with just a click.

Fully Featured No Compromise Apps

  • Today’s Low Code platforms are geared towards mobile and desktop platforms with access to hardware components like cameras, GPS, cellular connectivity, and touch screen input. They even support built-in offline functionality.

Easily Extend Functionality Using Pre-Built Templates

  • Sample templates and programs can easily be downloaded and modified to match your specific business needs. Using templates allows for quick application development and deployment.

Integrate With Your Existing Platforms

  • Low Code applications can be built to work with your existing infrastructure and enterprise applications. Built in connectors offer connectivity to most commonly used platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Microsoft Active Directory and more.

Reduce Your IT Infrastructure

  • Low Code application platforms are hosted in the cloud, offer great security, provide a scalable and highly available system. This translates to less servers for you to maintain, patch, and upgrade over time.


  • Help Desk Support

  • Expense Reporting

  • Inventory Management

  • Asset Checkout

  • Cost Estimations

  • Employee Surveys

  • Company News Feed

  • Organization Directory


Low code platforms are made to be development-friendly environments, but there is a direct correlation between complexity and an increase in the number of requirements the application needs to satisfy for your organization (provided these cannot be met through the use of some template).

Although some organization’s needs may be able to be met without the need for any custom code, these are low-code solutions which will require some level of developer expertise and applications design. In addition, there may also be a need for some of the more robust features and tools of the platform to ensure the application hits the intended mark.


Microsoft Power Apps for Low Code Development

Microsoft Power Apps

Offers deep integration with the Power Apps suite, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and many Azure Services.

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Salesforce for Low Code Development

Salesforce Lightning Platform

Salesforce customers can build on top of the leading CRM application space, with over 5,000 3rd party applications.

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Mobile & Desktop Application Design and Development

Smartbridge consultants can jump-start your development and get your organization started using a low-code platform.

Platform Managed services

Our team offers an SLA-driven support model to provide dedicated resources to your organization should any bugs occur, or new features need to be added.

Smartbridge can jump-start your organization by laying the groundwork in place and setting forth the best practices for implementing applications in your new environment.

We’ll develop and deploy your first set of applications and provide your team the necessary knowledge and governance in place so that the new platform can be maintained well into the future.

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