Industrial Services Provider Implements M-Files ECM

In this case study, we’ll look at how Smartbridge implemented M-Files in Microsoft Azure to provide an ECM solution for an industrial services provider.

The Client

Our client is a leading engineering, construction, and maintenance provider in the chemical and energy industries. They have operations on 5 continents and an annual revenue of over $1 billion.

The Primary Objective/Problem

The company operates in a decentralized model with wide-spread operations at plants and factories. Forms and documents (usually paper-based) used to perform the work on customer sites creates problems for information collection and sharing. The company requested an enterprise content management (ECM) solution to address several key issues:

  • Invoicing was slow and inaccurate (or incomplete) due to the delay in processing paperwork

  • Technicians were at risk if they were using out of date/incorrect safety procedures

  • Communication of scope changes and additional opportunities for work were missed due to lack of management visibility

Key Challenges

This particular client has over a dozen service lines and decentralized global operations. There is limited standardization in processes related to information capture and management. Further, technicians operate in hazardous conditions, and may not be in one of the client’s offices or facilities regularly.

The ECM solution would need to be simple, flexible, and accessible from almost anywhere. Many technicians are unable to remotely connect to the company network and systems, so the solution would need to allow offline work as well.

Smartbridge Methodology

Smartbridge implemented M-Files in a Microsoft Azure environment for digitral document management. Data to classify and describe documents (as metadata) was sourced from corporate CRM and ERP systems to streamline or automate data collection for technicians and administrators.

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Procedures, specifications, and other controlled documents were made available to improve quality and safety. M-Files supported the implementation of a new, centralized billing process to improve invoicing. Technicians can upload scanned or digital versions of forms and documents as soon as they finish work. Managers and Administrators can review, approve, and provide feedback (including response to new opportunities) the same day.

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