10 Must Have Salesforce AppExchange Apps and Components

Salesforce AppExchange provides Salesforce users with thousands of solutions for nearly anything they need. It can be daunting! What’s good? What’s bad? Our expert Salesforce consultants share their most loved apps and components.

One of the neatest features of Salesforce is their enterprise cloud marketplace, AppExchange. Users looking to extend their Salesforce capabilities can find solutions, partners, and consultants all through AppExchange. With over 5,000 solutions available in the marketplace, it can be a little overwhelming to sift through unless you know what you are looking for.

Luckily, our Salesforce team here at Smartbridge has rounded up 10 of their must-have Salesforce AppExchange apps and components that make CRM experiences much easier! (Plus a BONUS 11th listing!)

Check out our newest additions for 2024, numbers #9 and 10!

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1.  Asana

Asana is a work management app that can help drive seamless collaboration all the way through the sales cycle to deliver amazing customer experiences. Asana can help close deals faster and maintain customer relationships. Along with defining the responsibility of an activity, it can also help in eliminating ad hoc requests and repetitive conversations between teams.

Asana can help in automating tasks created by Process Builder. It can auto-generate projects, assign users to a project, share the tasks with teammates, and allows sales reps to keep track of tasks. Teammates can communicate, add notes or comments, and add sub-tasks for collaboration.

Asana - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
Asana - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

Don’t let the low rating fool you!

2.  Dashboard Pal by Salesforce Labs

Dashboard Pal is a helpful data visualization component that allows the user to take control of their dashboard preferences.

The Lightning component enables the user to choose a dashboard from a list of available dashboards in the organization. The interface first asks the user to select the folder where their desired dashboard is in and then shows all of the dashboards inside that respective folder for the user to select. This is a great feature to have placed on the home page where the user can dynamically change the dashboard on command.

Dashboard Pal - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
Dashboard Pal - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

3. Address Picker Autocomplete for Flow by Salesforce Labs

We all know incorrect data can make the sales process inefficient and can end up in duplicate records. Since an address is an important identifying factor for a customer, it becomes extremely important that we make sure the addresses are always correct. However, Salesforce provides the address search feature only on the Account and Contact page layout.

Address Picker Autocomplete for Flow is a component available in Salesforce AppExchange that can be used in Flows that contain forms with Address fields. As you type the address this component retrieves possible suggestions from Google API. Once you select the address it will populate the fields for Street Address, City, State, and Postal Code.

Address Picker - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
Address Picker - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

4. Custom Metadata Type Driven (CMTD) Enhanced Related List

CTMD Enhanced Related Lists is a Lightning component that has the ability to show related list records in the Lightning App. With the CMTD component, users are able to stay better organized without all of the clutter, and it permits you to group related records on one page. This amazing component allows the administrator to create filter-related lists without the need for a developer to create one for them. The enhanced features provide configurable Filter, Sort, and Fields that better support organizational needs.

For example:

  • Display only Open Opportunities related to an Account
  • Display only Open Cases related to an Account
  • Display only Open Closed related to an Account

The component also provides three different display types to choose from.

CMTD - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
CMTD - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

5. Dynamic Flow Progress by Salesforce Labs

This useful component can be utilized on a Flow screen to indicate to the user the steps in a flow and the progress made. The Dynamic Flow Progress component provides users with six different types of progress indicators to display on Flow screens. The six types are:

  • Horizontal Progress Indicator

  • Vertical Progress Indicator

  • Vertical Navigation Menu

  • Progress Bar

  • Progress Ring

  • Path

Dynamic Flow - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
Dynamic Flow - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

6. Pop Ups

Without any required coding, users can easily implement validation rules and notifications with PopUps anywhere on Salesforce to capture users’ attention for critical business needs. Notifications have the capability to appear in 3 different style options, Toast, Flow, and Modal with just a few clicks.

Some examples of how PopUps can be utilized:

  • Alert users if there are any missing record details
  • Flag high-risk accounts
  • Notify users of follow-ups
  • Soft validation rules or warnings
  • Remind users to update contact information
PopUps - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
PopUps - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
PopUps - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

7. S-Docs Native Document Generation & E-Signature: PDF, Word, Excel, Email, Forms

Document generation can be very helpful for any sales process. This app can help in creating documents like quotes, invoices, proposals, and reports using a button click, workflow, or batch.

Form document creation users can add dynamic images and visual charts, insert custom terms and conditions, leverage advanced Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries like aggregates and subqueries. Documents can be live edited during and after generation.

S-Docs provide point and click template creation that can include drag and drop, formula text, merge fields, electronic signatures, and much more. It also contains email automation with features like custom email templates, the ability to deliver documents intended for e-signature, and email templates populated with information from contact.

The e-signature feature with S-Sign includes features like multi-signer profiles, automatic reminders for e-signature, saving data back to Salesforce fields, encrypt documents, and track signing process in Salesforce.

S-Docs - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
S-Docs - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

8. Chargent Payment Processing – Credit Card Payments, ACH, Recurring Billing

Chargent Payment Processing is a direct payment gateway connection from Salesforce which can empower the team to be more efficient, resulting in better customer service. With this app, payments can be charged in real-time or credit cards payments can be scheduled. Customers can pay online via credit card or eChecks using the payment request link generated using the app.

Chargent can also be used in Salesforce Communities and CPQ. It is connected with most payment processing services like Authorize.net, BluePay, BlueSnap, Global Payments, and many more. It also contains PCI compliant payment processing capabilities for secure processing of customer information and transaction.

Chargent - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
Chargent - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

9. ZoomInfo Field Trip

Salesforce users can use ZoomInfo Field Trip to gain valuable insights into their data quality. Field Trip analyzes standard and custom fields across any object, revealing which ones are populated the most and which ones are left blank. This helps identify unused fields that can be removed to streamline layouts and improve data hygiene. Additionally, Field Trip calculates a ZoomInfo Data Quality Score to assess the overall health of your Salesforce data, allowing you to prioritize data enrichment efforts.

ZoomInfo Field Trip - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
ZoomInfo Field Trip - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

10. Conga Composer

Conga Composer is a helpful tool for automating document generation. It allows Salesforce users to create dynamic templates that pull data directly from Salesforce objects, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This saves time, reduces errors, and improves the overall efficiency of document creation for tasks like proposals, contracts, and quotes.

Conga Composer - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
Conga Composer - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

BONUS: Home/Child Kanban

Home/Child Kanban is a fully native and highly customizable drag and drop kanban view that can be configured for any related lists and home pages. This view can help in viewing related records all grouped together to display key information. It can also provide a consolidated view of any related records to an account or any custom object to all team members that can help boost productivity.

This app can be configured by letting you choose the object name, group, summarized factors, and key information that you want to display on the Kanban tiles.

Kanban - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites
Kanban - Salesforce AppExchange Favorites

With these 10 Salesforce AppExchange apps and components, users can easily deploy them to increase productivity and support businesses needs without the help of a developer.

These were just a few components and apps that our Salesforce team finds perfect for both ourselves and our clients. To view more solutions, partners, and more, visit the Salesforce AppExchange. That’s where we’ll be!

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