Migrating ERP to the Cloud
for Large Port Authority

Client Background

The client is the 2nd largest port operation in the US and is a critical infrastructure of the country. They standardized on Oracle JD Edwards as their primary ERP system which supports the core finance, HR, payroll, real estate, and other related processes. The legacy infrastructure was insufficient to provide high uptime for this core application, so the client made an executive decision to shift the ERP to the cloud.

INDUSTRY: Public Sector


Smartbridge evaluated the cloud options, designed the future-state cloud architecture on Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), established connectivity between the corporate and OCI data center, and migrated the ERP system.

The team coordinated infrastructure testing and application core-functionality testing with client personnel, obtained User Acceptance Testing (UAT) signoff, turned off on-premise and activated the cloud production instance for ongoing usage. We deactivated the on-premise production instance, rearchitected the code migration path between on-premise non-production instances and the cloud-based production instance of the ERP.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in Oracle JD Edwards


The cloud migration was completed successfully, and the client’s ERP system is running smoothly. Risks associated with on-premise hardware and software failures, backups, and disaster recovery were mitigated. The client enjoys a 99.98% uptime, a significant improvement from the prior uptime.

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