MicroStrategy & Smartbridge: A Recipe for Partnership Success

This year, Smartbridge attended MicroStrategy World 2018 as an Exhibitor Sponsor, where we were able to meet with MicroStrategy customers, learn about the latest BI & Analytics trends, and continue to grow our partnership with MicroStrategy.

Michael J. Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, reiterated the importance of channel partners to MicroStrategy and the importance of the program to help channel partners succeed:

“Our channel partners are experts in navigating how to apply analytics and mobility functions for the modern business. Many leading systems integrators have implemented our software and thousands of channel partner consultants have been certified on MicroStrategy 10. We are investing in resources, incentives, and training so that our extensive channel partner network is well positioned to sell MicroStrategy in their respective geographies. We’re pleased to roll out this new program that we believe will make it easier for our successful channel partners to take MicroStrategy to market.”

The Four Key Pillars

  • Global Alliances Team: A higher level of support for channel partners. MicroStrategy is investing in a Global Alliances Team, which places over 20 channel partner managers in every region around the world. The Global Alliances Team will engage directly with channel partners so they can be part of account planning. The new team will help to identify and successfully engage with customers and support co-marketing opportunities with greater integration.

  • Sales Tools: At the MicroStrategy World Partner Day, MicroStrategy channel partners learned about new sales and marketing tools and programs designed to support channel partner success. One of these tools is the new Partner Portal, which will allow us as channel partners to easily register new customers, manage leads, and access a wide range of sales and marketing resources.

  • Updated Partner Categories: The updated program enhancements allow channel partners to optimize their offerings. The categories are supported by new accreditations and include the following: MicroStrategy Certified System Integrator, MicroStrategy Certified Solution Provider, MicroStrategy Authorized Reseller, and MicroStrategy Managed Service Provider (MSP). Smartbridge will benefit greatly by aligning our strengths and solutions to the revised categories.

  • Improved access to training resources: Including Jump Start and Power-Up. Jump Start offers the opportunity to quickly develop MicroStrategy skills over five days of hands-on instruction for free. Power Up is classes offered to MicroStrategy’s own employees and is now open to channel partners.

Customer Success Comes First

Emmanuel Richard, Vice President, Global Alliances, echoed the importance of channel partners to MicroStrategy and how the Partner Program will enable customers to succeed:

“MicroStrategy has curated an ecosystem of best-in-class channel partnerships with companies that provide big data, analytics, and value-added integration expertise. Today’s enterprise customers need the features that the best technologies have to offer. The MicroStrategy Partner Program has developed a successful roadmap along with an easy on-boarding process so our channel partners can redefine what’s possible in the market.”

Smartbridge is excited to continue to be a channel partner and we look forward to creating new customer successes in collaboration with MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy World

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