Microsoft Graph Integration
with UiPath RPA

Through Robotic Process Automation, various developer platforms and processes can be significantly enhanced. This video details an automated creation of UiPath RPA for Microsoft Graph users.

RPA for Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph is a developer platform that connects multiple services and devices. Initially released in 2015, Microsoft Graph builds on Office 365 APIs, and allows developers to integrate their services with various Microsoft products. Through implementation of RPA, users can be created fast and efficiently when required, alleviating manual strain off personnel.

The need for this integration comes from the necessity to create and license users in a timely manner. This is especially true for a large volume of new users, like new hires to an organization. It can also be used to remove users as needed. Due to the time consuming nature of this process, RPA can easily save several hours from developers, admin and HR staff.

Smartbridge is a UiPath Partner

In this video, Consultant Raul Pena demonstrates how Robotic Process Automation can streamline the creation of Microsoft Graph users. 

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Put RPA to Work in Your Business

Our specialists will lead you through your automation journey to create a future-state automation strategy and road map. Through our partnership with UiPath, we integrate the following tools into your companies strategy:

  •  Education

  •  Workshops

  •  Interviews

  •  Technical Assessments

Leave the mundane tasks to the bots. Don’t wait to automate your standard business practices.

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