Houston UiPath Community Meetup – Understanding Document Understanding

Co-Organized by Smartbridge

HOUSTON, TEXAS – May 6, 2022

Smartbridge co-organizes and hosts this month’s Houston UiPath Community Meetup.

On Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 12PM CDT, the Houston UiPath community will virtually gather for the monthly user group meeting which will feature a presentation on Document Understanding from UiPath’s Sr. Director, Worldwide Solution Engineering, Steve Tegeler.

Even if you’re not in Houston, you are more than welcome to join the meetup to make new connections and talk to other UiPath users! Whether you’re a technical user or a business user, you definitely don’t want to miss this.

FEATURED PRESENTATION: Understanding Document Understanding, Presented by Steve Tegeler, Sr Director at UiPath

You could call documents the lowest level communications API of business. They are everywhere, and they ‘just work’. However, getting data out of documents is some of the most mundane, time-consuming, and boring workarounds! You may have heard that UiPath has a document processing solution to solve this problem. At this meetup, you’ll get to finally explore it! We’ll help you understand how it works and the best place to start your next automation adventure.

Time permitting, we’ll cover:

  • AI Center
  • Document Understanding:

    • Positioning internally
    • Architecture/How it works
    • Document Understanding Process Template
  • Considerations/areas of interest for successful deployments
  • Demo

To learn more about the meet-up and to RSVP, visit here.

UiPath Community
Houston UiPath Community Meetup
May 12, 2022
Virtual Event
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