Fast Casual Restaurant Adopts Dashboards

The finance team of a national restaurant company was manually creating an operations scorecard in Excel, gathering data from many different sources. The client and Smartbridge had embarked on a project to automate and consolidate the data-side of the scorecard so that the painstaking manual effort of producing the scorecard could be removed.

In addition, the client wanted a better way for users to consume the scorecard. In its current state it was a very large Excel grid report with many columns and rows.

Smartbridge was called in to help create a new experience for the users to consume the scorecards many KPIs in a visual and intuitive way. Smartbridge designed and built a set of MicroStrategy dashboards that allowed for a very simple and intuitive analytical workflow to guide the user from the most important areas first and then guided paths to drill into detail operations perspectives. In addition, the dashboards allowed the user’s to see things they could not see on their grid report before, like the ability to see how a particular area is comparing to the company average trended over time.


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