Enabling Large M&A with Seamless JDE ERP Support

The Client

The client, founded in 1872, is a Fortune 500 oil and gas equipment and services company with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. The company is a leading worldwide provider of pressure pumping and oilfield services for the petroleum industry. The company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The Problem

In 2009, the company was acquired by a one of the three largest oilfield service companies in the world.

The systems infrastructure consisted of a JD Edwards World ERP system that supported the financials, fixed assets, manufacturing and distribution operations; SAP that managed the employee benefits and payroll processes. The acquiring company runs SAP to manage the entire operations of the company.

The acquisition created significant load on the internal IT support staff (business analysts and technical personnel) due to the various acquisition related projects that had to be delivered in addition to the ongoing operations support requirements.

The client needed a partner who could quickly take over the support functions related to the JD Edwards ERP system (functional and technical) from the existing IT support organization in a smooth and seamless transition with minimal impact to users.

The Solution

Following a search for a partner that had the process maturity, management, capabilities and staffing capacity to handle their immediate needs, the client selected Smartbridge as their IT partner to assist with the delivery of the services and acquisition related projects.

Smartbridge designed a robust engagement execution methodology, efficient knowledge transfer plan and delivered a comprehensive resource and skills strategy to hit the ground running quickly.

Smartbridge team assisted with several merger related functions to enable users to smoothly transition to the SAP system of the acquiring company.

The Result

Smartbridge ramped up the necessary resources in a short period of one week, started the engagement and began delivering value by helping jump start some of their high priority projects. The client began leveraging Smartbridge knowledge and skills immediately to develop comprehensive plans to execute the various high priority projects. This enabled client personnel to focus their attention on the SAP integration related activities while Smartbridge began handling their support functions.

From the first month that Smartbridge took over the production support functions, not only did Smartbridge personnel meet and exceed the System Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, it was seamless to the client’s user community.

The client successfully migrated to SAP and Smartbridge continues to support the JDE system for legacy histori

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