Transform IT Podcast Ep.6:
How to Smooth the Transition from Disruptive Technology to Beneficial Organizational Tool 

Easing Digital Transformation Through Open-Minded Awareness

Oracle’s JD Edwards is using their awareness and understanding of the digital transformation in today’s industry and adopting solutions to keep up with the current market trends and needs. A key goal: to take a new digital process that could be unfamiliar and disruptive and make it easy to use and adapt.

Companies need to evaluate their processes from end to end and leverage today’s technologies to change the way business is done. This will improve the organization’s ability to focus on the user experience and outcome—that’s where the market is going. Bringing intuitive, flexible dashboards to the users that make valuable business data easier to get and process.

In today’s episode, hosts Miraj & Patrick take a look at how Oracle’s JD Edwards is helping companies update their processes to better focus on the customer experience. Smartbridge VP of Enterprise Systems, Victor Lang, interviews Kem Butler, Product Strategy Director at Oracle focus on JD Edwards.

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Digital transformation IS happening and can represent either a huge opportunity or huge challenge for any business. The best way for a company to pro-actively move forward into digital transformation involves a change in mindset and corporate culture—not just in bits and pieces but through ALL processes. Organizations need to have an open-minded awareness and examine their existing processes. How long have they been in place (10 years? 15 years?) and ask the key question: Are those processes still relevant today?

New possibilities exist when we leave behind the constraints and methods and mentalities of the way we’ve always done it.

Kem Butler, Product Strategy Director – Oracle/JD Edwards

Listen as Butler discusses how disruptive technologies are driving user interface designs and solutions.

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