Transform IT Podcast Ep.5:
When Digital Transformation Disrupts the User Experience 

“Keep IT from Wreaking Havoc with Employees”

The goal of Digital Transformation is to make processes easier, faster and more user-friendly. Sometimes without realizing it, Digital Transformation introduces unintended disruption. When that happens, those employees responsible for implementing the transformational change will create push back or even develop workarounds that defeat the goals of the change. How can businesses embrace technological change when it comes to their people and what can they do to do a better job facilitating new processes?

In today’s episode, hosts Miraj & Patrick introduce us to a company who expanded exponentially in a very short time, while embracing digital transformation. Smartbridge VP of Enterprise Systems, Victor Lang, interviews James Pham, Associate Director of IT for Aliso Viejo, CA-based Avanir Pharmaceuticals.

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Every company would like to see profitability plus growth happen.  A company culture of agility is constantly introducing disruptive technologies. As a way to embrace the disruption, Avanir Pharmaceuticals created a video training program and implemented lunch and learns when there was new software to learn.

Other ways they used technology to transform Avanir Pharmaceuticals was the use of a paper to digital document system which promoted the mobility of approval processes, enabling them to streamline authorizations for purchase orders, Human Resources, capital improvements and more.

At a higher level, User Intuitive Interfaces (UI) facilitate the use of technology to help the user better navigate their online journey. This is how Avanir made use of the new Oracle JD Edwards business modules. As their business changed, the JD Edwards software was able to quickly make those changes with them.

Our unique culture embraces a ‘family’ model with high touch relationships between different groups.”

– James Pham, Associate Director of IT

Listen as Pham discusses how he uses IT to transform business.

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