Transform IT Podcast BONUS Episode:
The Buzz on Blockchain

“The Evolution of Book Keeping”

From clay tablets in the beginning of book keeping, to enterprise resource planning systems, our ledger based efforts have significantly progressed. Today, various businesses utilize a digital ledger known as blockchain, which is a collection of transactions issued on a distributed network.

Every exchange and transaction on the blockchain network is carefully tracked, transparent and extensively validated. This is why multiple industries are learning to use blockchain to ensure their products are secure and accounted for. Further, consumers are learning to rely on blockchain technology to validate the condition of their goods demanded from these companies.

In this episode, host Patrick Pahls sits down with subject matter expert and Smartbridge Director Matthew DiBona, to explore the full spectrum of blockchain technology.

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From crypto currency, smart contracts, and the dynamic nature of the food service industry, consumers and producers worldwide are gaining a better understanding of the importance of blockchain.

Technology is evolving at break-neck speed. Businesses cannot sit back and strictly be a fast follower. There is a need for continuous innovation, and fostering that mindset is important for businesses today.

Director, Matthew DiBona

Listen as Patrick and Matthew discuss the importance of adopting blockchain technology into your industry.

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