Transform IT Podcast Ep.7:
Transforming User Resistance  

Helping Users Get Comfortable with Technology and Process Changes through Organizational Transparency

The truth: People get comfortable in what they are doing. They know how to do it and they don’t want to learn a new process (why fix it if it isn’t broken?). When an organization changes a process or a technology, there is often times a knee-jerk reaction from the users—they don’t want to accept the change. It’s human nature to resist change. Companies need to understand user resistance in order to overcome it.

In today’s episode, hosts Miraj & Patrick take a look at how to transform user resistance to change. They discuss the issues users are feeling (fear of losing control, not wanting to step out of their comfort zone, not wanting to risk anything) and how company visionaries can address these issues through transparency.

Listen to “Transforming User Resistance”:

In order to achieve the vision you have for your company, your employees must be open to change and willing to step out of their comfort zone. It’s a cultural thing. Risk must always be a part of the equation.

Technology is dynamic and is changing at a dramatic pace which has created an “adapt or die” kind of mentality. Change is difficult in any environment. When an organization implements a small process, policy, procedure or new technology that is necessary for the maturity of the company, it can put a burden on the users to learn how to use the new procedure fast and efficiently. Help lower resistance by talking to your users; talking about it is a good start but more is needed. Find out what they require. Analyze the problem requirements. Change needs time, effort, training, physical equipment and implementation strategy. Find how technology can ACTUALLY solve that problem and help make their job better.

Overcoming user resistance comes back to transparency. Be clear: we’re implementing this, this is why we are doing it, this is how it can help. Then give your users the ability to talk to you about how this is affecting them.

Patrick Pahls, Consultant, Smartbridge

Listen as Miraj and Patrick discuss the causes of user resistance to change and ways executives can alleviate/reduce that resistance.

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