Employee Verification for Major Multi-Unit Quick Service Restaurant

The Client

A large quick service restaurant chain located across the United States with numerous locations. The chain specializes in fresh made-to-order burgers and has a strong and loyal customer base. The client has over 1000 corporate stores with well over 50,000 operational employees.

The Problem

QSRs are constantly hiring new employees to deal with the high rate of turnover. The quick-serve restaurant client had difficultly tracking who has worked previously at various locations.

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When a candidate was being evaluated for an open position they didn’t always disclose their prior work history – especially if they previously worked at a different location and were dismissed due to performance issues.

Knowing who had worked for them before and their HR performance track record is critical to the hiring decisions. Store managers needed to have this data at their fingertips.

The Solution

Smartbridge worked closely with Human Resource and Operations to develop an easy-to-deploy, agile solution. The team implemented an integrated system where all employee information such as promotions, demotions, and evaluations were captured electronically and stored in their centralized ERP.

An easy-to-access employee verification web service was then deployed to the stores that could be accessible via their BOS or mobile device. The employee verification web service allowed managers to input a hiring candidate’s name or SSN. Important employee history was displayed if the candidate had worked for any of the company’s locations in the past. This includes reasons for prior dismissal or any performance issues. Managers could make an informed hiring decisions on the spot without contacting HR or making numerous phone calls to past employers.

The Result

The client hiring process was streamlined, allowing operational managers to focus on retaining and attracting quality employees rather than worrying about paperwork or their employment history. This significantly reduced their turnover since they were able to avoid hiring problematic employees and repeating past mistakes.

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