Building the Roadmap for a Construction & Infrastructure Company’s Analytics Needs

The Client

The Fortune 500 company provides mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and facilities services to a broad range of commercial, industrial, utility, and institutional customers. The company comprises over 75 operating companies and has approximately 170 locations.

EMPLOYEES: 33,000+
INDUSTRY: Engineering & Construction


The goal of the project was to put in place the foundation for a building services data warehouse that will support the client’s business reporting and analytics needs. It would also ease the burden for the operations group related to data preparation and manipulation and free them up for business analysis.

Smartbridge Implementation

The scope of the implementation was focused on Work Order lifecycle management.

The Smartbridge team designed and developed the data warehouse. The project was a fixed contract project and the team consistently made sure to work to improve customer satisfaction.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in the construction industry

Key Highlights:

  • As an Informatica partner, Smartbridge not only helped the client select Informatica PowerCenter for Data Integration but also sold licenses along with the installation of the tool.
  • To achieve optimal performance, Informatica Load Balancing was implemented in production for distributing workloads across the nodes in the grid. This strategy balanced the workload and considerably decreased the execution times on huge volume data loads.
  • Recovery and reprocessing Logic for Failures were also implemented with the help of High Availability
  • Development was accomplished on time by utilizing a dedicated offshore team in India that was involved in testing/QA efforts.

Example of Historical Trend Reporting 



This build of the data warehouse was delivered successfully on time and on budget.

The results achieved in the current phase will expand the client’s reports and dashboards built from the data warehouse to their customers. It will also open up new levels of visibility into the business that currently do not exist or require more manual efforts.

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