Crisis Management and Emergency Response with Crisis360

A Crisis is Inevitable

Natural crisis events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and human-created events such as water contamination and gas leaks frequently occur in various parts of the world. Businesses and public sector entities must initiate the crisis management processes, track assets and people, and manage recovery operations.  These processes are usually paper-based and manual with minimal technology. The industry was ripe for digital transformation.

A patented SaaS solution developed and wholly owned by Smartbridge

Creating a Solution

Smartbridge designed, developed, and implemented Crisis360, a cloud hosted multi-tenant SaaS system to enable emergency managers to define, track, report, analyze and act on the impact of the crisis on the various assets impacted. These include locations, buildings, equipment, and people.

Crisis360 is an omni-platform solution built on native mobile development platforms (iOS, Android), Xamarin, web, and cloud database. The SaaS application is hosted on AWS and Azure cloud platforms and serves customers in the higher education, restaurant, and financial sectors

The cloud platform provides the elasticity and scalability to support the system load based on the actions of the crisis responders.  Management of the application infrastructure on the cloud is easy and eliminates the need to maintain large processing capacity on-premise servers in the data center.

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