Transform IT Podcast Ep.23
The Impact of RPA in the Workforce

In this episode, guest hosts Zach Reynolds and Raul Pena are joined remotely by Weingarten Director, Sanjay Patel, to discuss the impact of RPA in the workforce.

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“Anything can be automated in today’s environment”

RPA in the workforce

Today, many business leaders are familiar with the term “robotic process automation”, both on the technical and non-technical side. RPA, as a form of software automation technology, is sweeping through business processes faster than many other technologies on the market today, streamlining both rule-based and end-to-end tasks.

This impact of RPA in the workforce has only accelerated amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are recognizing the reality of automating repetitive tasks that exists in their workforce to save their employees time, and enhance their innovative efforts. To gain a better perspective of this impact, Smartbridge hosts Zach Reynolds, and senior RPA developer Raul Pena, sit down with Sanjay Patel, Director of Q&A at Weingarten Realty.

As it happens, Smartbridge recently concluded an RPA implementation project with Weingarten which served to completely automate their user provisioning processes. From a leadership perspective, Sanjay discusses the challenges, growing points, and immediate benefits that he experienced during and after the project was complete.

“One of the most impactful points for me was gaining a more intimate knowledge of our current processes during the RPA implementation. It became clear that really, anything can be automated.”

Sanjay Patel, Director of Q&A at Weingarten Realty

Listen as Sanjay discusses the value of RPA in the workforce, and the lessons learned through a real implementation use case.

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