IT Compliance Automation with UiPath for Life Sciences Client

Our Client

Our client is a global leader in medical technology, particularly in the fields of cardiac surgery and neuromodulation. They specialize in developing innovative solutions to address critical medical needs, enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life.

INDUSTRY: Life Sciences & Medical Device Manufacturing

Client Objectives

Being a medical device manufacturer, ensuring IT compliance is paramount for both regulatory reasons and the safeguarding of patient data. Regulatory audits are a regular occurrence and being prepared for these audits requires meticulous documentation, data accuracy, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

To enhance the reliability and efficiency of their IT compliance controls, an automated solution is needed to maintain audit trails, generate reports, and provide real-time visibility into compliance status, facilitating smoother and faster audit processes. Meeting these objectives leads to benefits that include enhanced data security, streamlined quality management, and faster audit preparation leading to cost savings and scalability for long-term compliance readiness.

Smartbridge’s Automation Solution

Smartbridge developed an automation solution using UiPath to meet the client’s objective and help realize the benefits of the automated compliance process.

The process involves assessing key compliance needs, designing, and developing automation workflows, testing, and validating the solution, deploying it across the organization, and maintaining it for ongoing compliance.

The Smartbridge Methodology
The Smartbridge Methodology
The Smartbridge Methodology
The Smartbridge Methodology
The Smartbridge Methodology
The Smartbridge Methodology
The Smartbridge Methodology

Some key features of the automation solution include:

  • A set of “mini-automations” that integrate as a whole.
  • Each control is created as a modular piece, allowing for more controls to be added as needed.
  • The controls can run for any number of systems environments in production and non-production.
  • Audit data is stored in a data service for future reference and reporting needs.
  • Action Center is used for human interaction as needed to capture the actions to be taken and follow up.

  • Some of the controls that were automated in the SAP environments include:

    • User Access Management
    • Data Privacy and Security
    • Audit Trail and Reporting
    • Policy Enforcement
    • Privileged access management
    • Tracking open client sessions and firefighter activities
  • Scheduling features were used to enable frequent execution and helped identify issues faster.

UiPath Platform Components and Other Solutions Used in this Project

UiPath Case Study
UiPath Data Service Case Study
UiPath Orchestrator Case Study
UiPath Action Center Case Study
UiPath with SAP Case Study

The Value of The Client’s New IT Compliance Automation Solution

The deployed solution provided significant value for IT compliance checks by leveraging UiPath tools and features like Orchestrator, Action Center, Data Service, and queues the end-to-end process streamlined and optimized the IT compliance processes, resulting in several key benefits.

  • First, the solution enhances data security by automating access control, and monitoring tasks, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Second, it improves efficiency by reducing the time and effort required for compliance activities, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

The solution minimized the risk of human error in compliance-related tasks, leading to more reliable and consistent outcomes and facilitating faster audit preparation through real-time data collection and reporting. Overall, the automation solution delivered tangible value by enhancing data security, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and facilitating audit readiness, thereby ensuring the company’s compliance with regulatory requirements.

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