Angular Application Development for Construction Dispatch Operations


Our featured client is a leader within the global crane industry, renowned for its expertise in operational safety, crane sales, crane rentals, and comprehensive project services. Headquartered in California, they operate a network of 20+ service locations nationwide, allowing them to provide logistical and field support throughout the U.S.

INDUSTRY: Construction

Project Scope & Objectives

At the time our client reached out to us, they relied on a business-critical website that was custom developed using Angular JS version 1.4.7 to manage their equipment, monitor utilization, track assets, and expedite dispatch operations.

In collaboration with Smartbridge, the client sought to enhance their website by upgrading it to the latest version of Angular while preserving the familiar user interface and features they already rely on.

Additionally, the client wanted to migrate event creation and scheduling functionality from an external solution into their business-critical website through an integrated custom solution that will be the foundation for future billing process enhancements.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in construction industry digital transformation.

Key Challenges

Time-Sensitive Platform Upgrade

The client’s primary operations heavily depend on their centralized platform, underscoring the urgency of the platform upgrade. Ensuring both the timeliness of the upgrade and the final quality of the product are crucial considerations.


A significant hurdle was the absence of documentation for the client’s current platform. Understanding its functionality posed a substantial challenge, necessitating an in-depth exploration and analysis.

Code Versioning

The migration of the legacy AngularJS application to the newest version of Angular presented its own set of complexities. This challenge was amplified by the fact that several libraries used in the original application were no longer supported and had not transitioned to the Angular framework.

User Interface

Adapting the existing user interface, which was not originally designed for responsive design, into a responsive format, proved to be another formidable obstacle in the context of the legacy application. Retrofitting screens to be responsive requires a thoughtful and strategic approach.

The Smartbridge Solution

Strategic Milestone-Based Approach

Smartbridge, in its commitment to delivering a high-quality product, devised a meticulous strategy centered on a three-milestone release plan. This approach ensured that each milestone contributed significantly to the final product’s excellence.

Proactive User Story Creation

Aligning with the milestone-based approach, Smartbridge proactively created user stories, fostering a structured development process. Weekly technical meetings were scheduled with the client to maintain transparency and provide real-time project status updates.

Effective Migration Solutions

Smartbridge collaborated regularly with the client to address the migration challenges, identifying similar libraries that seamlessly matched the UI and functionality of the original ones. This strategic move streamlined the transition process.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

A robust quality assurance process was integral to Smartbridge’s methodology. Following the completion of each user story development, dedicated QA testers conducted comprehensive testing to ensure product quality. Thorough bug tracking and the creation of detailed test case documentation were essential.

Priority-Based Issue Resolution

Smartbridge implemented a prioritization system for identified bugs which facilitated more critical issues being promptly addressed, demonstrating a commitment to resolving high-impact issues swiftly.

Azure DevOps was customized with workflows, configurations, validations and repositories to facilitate the hybrid agile methodology requested by the client to meet their deliverables.

Exemplary Communication

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, Smartbridge prioritized open and effective communication with the client. This commitment to transparency and collaboration fostered a partnership that thrived on shared insights and mutual understanding.

Technologies & Platforms in the Project Included:

Angular for custom development
Kendo UI for custom development
Microsoft Azure DevOps

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