4 Salesforce AppExchange Apps You Should Know

Salesforce AppExchange provides Salesforce users with thousands of solutions for nearly anything they need. We’ll go over a few apps that our Smartbridge Salesforce team love from the marketplace.

One of the neatest features of Salesforce is their enterprise cloud marketplace, AppExchange. Users looking to extend their Salesforce capabilities can find solutions, partners, and consultants all through AppExchange.

With over 4,000 solutions on the marketplace, it can be a little overwhelming to sift through unless you know what you are looking for. Luckily, our Salesforce team here at Smartbridge has rounded up 4 of their favorite apps that make their Salesforce experience that much better!

1.  Slack for Salesforce

It makes sense that all applications and platforms that define your daily work habits should operate as one. Smartbridge works with many clients in the mid-market to enterprise spaces that have adopted Slack as their main collaboration tool of choice. So, for us, it’s a no-brainer that this companion app is deployed to tether the two worlds and minimize the back-and-forth.

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Both sales and service teams can collaborate between the two platforms regarding accounts and cases. Notifications, previews, and search around standard Salesforce objects are out of the box. Configuring the same for custom objects is straight-forward enough for admins of all skill levels.

Both internal and external channels are supported, and large organizations using Slack’s Enterprise Grid can also reap the benefits of this companion app in Salesforce AppExchange.

salesforce appexchange
Image courtesy of Slack

2.  Trail Tracker

The goal of Trail Tracker is to not only assign but track your employees’ progress on Trailheads assigned to them, hence the name “Trail Tracker.” This can be seen as useful from many POVS, whether it be a partner needing to track the progress of end-users familiarizing themselves with the Salesforce Platform, or a consumer wanting to gauge their teams’ efforts in adapting to the Salesforce Platform.

It’s commonly understood that Salesforce has an abundance of training resources – This tool will allow you to not only navigate through them, but also will assist you in sharing the appropriate trails with your team.

salesforce appexchange
Trail Tracker Overview

3.  Rollup Helper

Salesforce has a functionality geared towards rolling up data into a record’s parent record. While Salesforce’s implementation is useful, it has its limits. This is where Rollup Helper can assist. With this app, an admin can create advanced rollups using highly customizable query logic that is very easy to use. Along with making it effortless to create rollups, this app provides a quick and easy way to view all rollups and setup them up to run either on the fly or via a schedule.

There are free products on Salesforce AppExchange that fulfill this goal, but none provide the ease of use and safety that Rollup Helper provides. For example, we’ve seen instances where free versions cause Apex errors when the rollups become too complex or aren’t configured in the most optimal way, or when there are just too many. In my experience, Rollup Helper has not provided any instances of failure.

salesforce appexchange
Home page within Rollup Helper App

4.  Config Workbook

With the immense amount of configuration that the Salesforce platform provides, it is easy to lose track of all of the different aspects, security configurations, and setups of your organization. Config Workbook is a relatively cheap solution for this problem.

Within this very easy-to-use tool, various metadata can be downloaded in Excel format. For example, if there is a need to export permissions for a specific profile, Config Workbook makes it extremely simple to export that data. Some other examples include:

  • Page Layouts

  • Permission Set Assignments

  • Apex

  • Visualforce

It also offers tools like Org Comparator and Impact Analysis.

salesforce appexchange
Profile Permissions export from Config Workbook

These were just a few apps that our Salesforce team finds perfect for both ourselves and our clients. To view more solutions, partners, and more, visit the Salesforce AppExchange. That’s where we’ll be!

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