Cloud Data Migration and Integration for a Full-Service Restaurant Group

Primary Objective/Problem

With a mix of restaurants from casual to fine dining, our client is executing a strategy to deliver improved customer experience, increased employee engagement and operational optimizations.   Because they have a variety of brands, it is essential to tailor solutions at the brand level.  To achieve these objectives, they need to harvest data from internal and 3rd party applications to develop analytics solutions which provide a hard return on investment from their data assets across human resources, finance and marketing functions.

EMPLOYEES: 200,000+
INDUSTRY: Restaurants

Key Challenges

The current, traditional analytics approach has not surfaced all the insights to achieve business objectives.  Additionally, a waterfall approach to developing analytic solutions has impacted agility and time to market.  Their analytics team has limited access to the data they needed to deliver advanced business use cases to support business growth initiatives.

With an aging on premise solution, a modern approach to analytics will help to rationalize technology investments and create the agility to move at the speed of the market.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in custom application development

Custom Application Development

Solution/Smartbridge Approach

Smartbridge engaged our client on a multi-year program to develop a cloud analytics capability, which includes the following components:

  • Cloud infrastructure enablement on Microsoft Azure

  • Replication of on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake cloud database

  • Design and implementation of data lake, analytics workspace and cloud data warehouse

  • Definition and solution buildout for key business use cases across finance, HR, and marketing

  • Design and implementation of operational processes to ensure the ongoing success of the program and solution set

Our team is executing a blended delivery approach using client, on-site, and off-shore resource for a scalable and cost-effective implementation.


The data foundation is complete.  We are actively working with our client on the monetization of data assets and to streamline IT and business processes to increase agility to deliver high return on investment solutions.

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