Approve and reject purchase orders and requisitions from phones or tablets – all without touching JD Edwards.

Equip your management with a mobile app to make order approvals on-the-go easy.

The JDE Approvals app presents managers with everything they need to approve purchase orders and requisitions right from the mobile device. Managers log in with JDE credentials or fingerprint authentication, and easily access all orders waiting for review. This is done through a secure connection, without the inconvenience of requiring a VPN client. Push notifications and alerts mean orders are promptly attended to, saving valuable time.

JDE Approvals App

The JDE Approvals app is an ideal solution to address work-from-home issues during COVID-19 remote work requirements. Talk to Smartbridge about our strategy to get businesses set-up quickly.

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JDE Approvals App Extends Your Capabilities:

  • Supports multiple order types (purchase orders, requisitions)

  • Multilingual: built-in support for French, Spanish, and English

  • Supports both phone and tablet devices running iOS or Android

  • Presents orders awaiting review ordered by date

  • Search and filter capabilities

  • Add notes to line items and view order text attachments

  • Approve or Reject orders with a note

  • Push notifications keep the user informed of when a new order has been assigned for review

  • Full Integration with Oracle JD Edwards

  • Communicate with JDE over a secure VPN connection without the need for a VPN client on the device

  • Biometric authentication – use your fingerprint to log in

What sets JDE Approvals apart from the standard Oracle App?

In addition to viewing text attachments, the JDE Approvals Mobile Application also has the ability to download and view media attachments. This includes media of practically any kind, such as PDF files, spreadsheets, images, rich text, word documents, etc.


  • Eliminates the need to have to navigate through JD Edwards

  • Get notified immediately when a new order is assigned to you for review


  • Approve or Reject orders from your mobile device directly into JD Edwards
  • Secure connectivity to JDE via VPN without the inconvenience of VPN client

JDE Approvals on iPad

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Push Notification - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Push Notification Example

Order List View - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Order List View

Add Order Details - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Add Order Details

Rejection Details - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Rejection Details

JDE Approvals on iPhone & Android

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Order List View on iPhone - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Order List View on iPhone

Order Details Tab on iPhone - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Order Details on iPhone

Order Search on Android - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Order Search on Android

Adding Rejection on Android - JDE Approvals Mobile App

Adding Rejection Detail on Android

This is just one example of the capabilities delivered through Smartbridge Enterprise Mobility.
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