UX One

for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne


Many users value alerts that notify them of what needs attention, visual representation of their most important business data to analyze their current business needs, and the ability to quickly act on their analyses. JD Edwards UX One enables users to do all of that from role-based landing pages for dozens of industry roles. Personalized forms for these roles make it quick and easy for users to take the actions they need. Additionally, UX One builds on personalization and configuration tools so that end users and citizen developers can make the user experience their own. 

Alert. Analyze. Act. 

JD Edwards UX One provides an innovative user experience that enables users to perform their jobs more efficiently using an Alert-Analyze-Act design paradigm. UX One notifies the user when a situation requires attention and then provides real-time, visualized data for improved decision making.

When action is required, UX One provides a direct path to the application. With role-based solutions and personalization options, UX One can help transform the user experience and enable users to work the way they want to work.

JD Edwards UX One
JD Edwards UX One
JD Edwards UX One

JD Edwards UX One Components

Listed below are the UX One user experience components–please note that key components such as One View Watch List, IoT, and ListView grid formats are available as part of the current 9.2 tools release: 

  • E1 Composed Page (2.0)

  • Landing Page

  • One View Watch List Alerts

  • Mobile: Location-aware, Proximity

  • IoT

  • Search

  • Media Object Viewer

  • Springboard Navigation
  • Dynamic Form Personalization
  • List View Grid Formats
  • Show More Icon
  • View By Graph
  • Cafe One Improvements
  • Company/Industry News

UX One for JD Edwards EntertrpiseOne enables users to have a modern UX and digital representation of strategic data. Even a citizen developer or business analyst can use it to customize and meet their business needs. UX One ultimately helps with personalization, user enablement, and simplifying business.

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