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The Benefits of Upgrading JD Edwards

Oracle’s JD Edwards product line has evolved significantly over the past many years. If you are not running EnterpriseOne 9.1 or higher, you are falling behind in both functionality and technology evolution of the product.

Releases older than 9.0 are starting to lose support. Without upgrading, support for new operating systems, database technologies or the latest web browsers are unavailable and limits your ability to upgrade your overall technology infrastructure.

Support and Functional Considerations

  • Oracle Support of Their Own Products: Support from Oracle is necessary for regulatory compliance, bug fixes and support of newer infrastructure platforms. If JDE, your backbone application, doesn’t work in this changing scenario, loss of Oracle support may put your business at risk.

  • Oracle Support of Third Party Products: Oracle has added support in the latest releases and service packages for IE 9, Windows 7, SQL Server 2008 and many other 3rd party software packages. To obtain this support you must be on a current tools release or Service Pack.

Upgrading JD Edwards

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Expectations of JD Edwards 9.2.5
Upgrading JD Edwards

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  • One View Reporting Foundation: With the release of 9.1 in early 2012, Oracle has added this report personalization for all modules and custom apps.

  • Functional Improvements: These reduce the steps in a business process and/or improve the visibility into a process so that better decisions can be made. These improvements may come from bug fixes, new modules or improvement to existing modules.

  • Mobile App Integration: Oracle has 80+ mobile apps for use on iOS and Android devices, free for 9.1 license holders. Hundreds of other possibilities exist with custom-built apps and third-party solutions.

Technical and Performance Considerations

  • BI Publisher: Improve the formatting and delivery of output with pixel-perfect output.
  • Enhancements Within EnterpriseOne Tools: Optimized user interface, advanced end user query capabilities, improved IT administration functionality and high availability and disaster recovery enhancements.
  • Web Services: Interface with other technologies in a standardized toolset. This accelerated the ability to deliver new integrations with the EnterpriseOne software.
  • EnterpriseOne Code Optimization: Oracle has released hundreds of performance improvement ESU’s since the 8.11 release. Enhancement of key processing UBE’s such as sales update have been reported to have more than a 30% reduction in runtime between Xe and the 9.1 releases.
  • Support for Improved Databases: Support for newer database technologies from Microsoft, IBM and Oracle can provide major performance improvements by itself. Users upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 or 2008 have often reported that some UBE’s which ran for hours previously dropped to just minutes.

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