Chart of Accounts (COA)

for JD Edwards

Chart of Accounts for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – Knowledge & Support provided by Smartbridge

There are many reasons you may need to re-design your Chart of Accounts (COA) for JD Edwards. This can include major business transformations, such as new company lines of business, company acquisitions, need for global standardizations – or simply a poorly designed existing COA.

What to Consider

What are some key considerations when designing and migrating to a new Chart of Accounts structure?

  • Make sure to collect all current and potential future state requirements for your COA structure to make sure it’s flexible enough to handle these future requirements.

  • Model your new COA data in JD Edwards by creating a model business unit.

  • Design and test your AAI (Automatic Accounting Instruction) changes and record your old AAIs.

  • Define a means to view and access historical data on your old COA structure. This can be accomplished by archiving your historical structure and data, or using an alternative COA.

  • Take advantage of conversion tools such as JDE standard P098212 application to change business units for multiple accounts.

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These are just a few examples of key considerations that shouldn’t be neglected. In the video below, Smartbridge showcases COA Conversion Best Practices for specific details for designing and migrating to a new COA structure.

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Our JDE Financial Best Practices Series will get you through creating and changing a chart of accounts.

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