Offline Time Tracking with DSI for Oil & Gas Field Services Company

The client, a leading oil and gas company, is using DSI as the mobile application development platform for building Oracle JD Edwards integrated mobile applications. The company is using a custom built DSI field service application for completing their service work orders out in the field.

However, they were relying on spreadsheets and emails for sending in the operator’s clock in and clock out times for the day.

A solution was needed to allow operators to electronically capture their clock in and out times for the day and assign the labor to the service work orders through their current custom field service solution. An added challenge was that this solution needed to be offline capable and needed to be able to queue up multiple entries since operators were often in remote areas with little to no internet connectivity.

As a DSI solutions partner, Smartbridge was able to build the time tracking features into the company’s existing field service application. By capturing the clock in and out times along with the service work orders, Smartbridge was also able to help develop automated reports that go out to supervisors, showing a timeline of their team’s activities for the day.

With this solution, the company has been able to move away from emailing multiple spreadsheets each week to having a single up-to-date time capture solution that is integrated directly with the operator’s primary application.

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