Customer Service Automation
Through RPA

UiPath and JD Edwards

Businesses that use JD Edwards can now benefit from RPA technology through solution providers like UiPath. In this video, we demonstrate how pairing UiPath and JD Edwards for RPA initiatives can improve customer service.

UiPath and JD Edwards  for RPA

Customer service in general often gets a bad reputation. Long hold/wait times, infrequent responses, inaccurate information, and poor experiences with the representative themselves are popular complaints. JD Edwards users with frequent requests currently correspond through manual email exchange with a representative, which of course takes much more time than desired.

What if robotic process automation could alleviate that strain, and eliminate the middle man for more routine requests? Further, what if this process didn’t even involve picking up the phone, as is the case for many “automated” systems. Using UiPath technology, our JD Edwards consultants are turning 20 minute requests into 15 second email responses through RPA.

Smartbridge is a UiPath Partner

In this video, Consultant Rohit Ankalikar demonstrates how an RPA integration can render more efficient customer service desk operations for the JD Edwards user. 

Put RPA to Work in Your Business

Our specialists will lead you through your automation journey to create a future-state automation strategy and road map. Through our partnership with UiPath, we integrate the following tools into your companies strategy:

  •  Education

  •  Workshops

  •  Interviews

  •  Technical Assessments

Leave the mundane tasks to the bots. Don’t wait to automate your standard business practices.

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