Transform IT Podcast Ep.16:
The Innovative Approach to Marketing

In today’s episode, hosts Miraj and Patrick sit down with Smartbridge Marketing Director, Brooke Browne to discuss the essentials in today’s strategic and innovative marketing practices.

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“Marketing is Evolving”

The Innovative Approach to Marketing

Digital transformation is changing businesses, and marketing is certainly no exception. Marketing teams who choose not to embrace new technology and opt solely for the “traditional” approach are falling short of their goals, and failing to support business development efforts.

A strategic, holistic approach to marketing must be adopted to stay relevant. Recognizing the new requirements of the key players (like Google) that influence marketing innovation and SEO are essential in this respect. Ultimately, increasing technical know-how is a crucial component of today’s marketing efforts. Understanding the future of chat bots, email, and AI-infused tactics are also key drivers that must be adopted.

If businesses are going to survive, marketing teams must step out of their creative comfort zone and adopt the innovative approach to marketing.

Today, simply doing a webinar or a blog post isn’t enough. You have to think about the holistic steps that goes into every implementation, and be more strategic about what you put out there.

Director, Brooke Browne

Listen as Brooke dives into the must-do’s of adopting an innovative marketing strategy.

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