Systems Assessment & Strategy

Establish a business-focused technology strategy and roadmap to transform your applications footprint by taking advantage of the modern capabilities offered by best-of-breed systems.

Incorporate public/private cloud strategy that co-exists with your on-premise systems to respond to business needs with agility.

Smartbridge will lead with education, workshops, interviews, and technical assessment to create a future-state strategy and roadmap that carefully puts you on a journey that creates market differentiation for you relative to your competition.


  • Applications strategy and roadmap

  • Strategies to take advantage of cloud capabilities

  • Application platform rationalization and business case
  • Applications architecture

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Oracle Cloud
Google Cloud

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Remodeling the IT Strategy

Remodeling the IT Strategy

Our client has seen rapid growth in revenue and size across multiple markets. This created significant demand for IT related services including large applications, data intensive modelling and access to drawings and changes at the job sites.



M-Files Implementation Benefits for Decision-Makers

The challenge in many organizations is getting needed information at the right time to make decisions. Even if the organization has the information, it’s not easily accessible, especially if it resides in a document rather than a traditional database.


Strategic Vision for IT to Deliver Value in a Large Texas Higher-Ed Institution

Strategic Vision for IT to Deliver Value in a Large Texas Higher-Ed Institution

Smartbridge, in partnership with Gartner Research, assessed the university’s technology needs to meet the business goals and IT’s ability to service these demands.

On-prem? Cloud? A little of both?