RPA-Driven Customer Self-Service
for JD Edwards

Customer service is a time consuming, sometimes frustrating task that is frequently prone to human error. Nevertheless, every company that submits itself to customer interaction must provide applicable customer service. However, through Robotic Process Automation, an advanced form of customer self-service can be achieved for the JD Edwards user.

RPA Driven Customer Service for JD Edwards

Long hold/wait times, infrequent responses, inaccurate information, and poor experiences with the representative themselves are popular complaints with customer service. For JD Edwards users that rely on customer service for simply checking the status of open orders, a single request could take upwards of 20 minutes to process.

Integrating Robotic Process Automation could easily alleviate this strain, taking human customer service representatives out of the equation for routine requests. Using UiPath technology, various requests for the status of open orders can be done through email, rather than picking up a phone. Response from an RPA bot would take 10-15 seconds, rather than 20 minutes.

Smartbridge is a UiPath Partner

In this video, Consultant Tomas Garcia demonstrates RPA driven customer service for JD Edwards through UiPath technology.

Primary Video Topics

  • Demonstrate our advanced customer self-service robot from the perspective of a customer.

  • Request order statuses via email to the smartbot. 

  • Request more dynamic items, such as delivery date and specific order numbers.

  • Demonstrate outputs of invalid order requests. 

  • Explain the benefits of implementing RPA-driven customer service for JD Edwards, using UiPath solutions.

Put RPA to Work in Your Business

Our specialists will lead you through your automation journey to create a future-state automation strategy and road map. Through our partnership with UiPath, we integrate the following tools into your company’s strategy:

  •  Education

  •  Workshops

  •  Interviews

  •  Technical Assessments

Leave the mundane tasks to the bots. Don’t wait to automate your standard business practices.

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