JD Edwards Orchestrator as an Automation Tool

Processing documentation can take valuable minutes or even hours out of your busy work day. Fortunately with JD Edwards Orchestrator and Process Recorder, you are now able to automate tedious processes like entering in documents and filling out forms one by one. This enables you to free up time to work on more important tasks.

Orchestrator Studio Diagram

JD Edwards Orchestrator offers process simplification

Orchestrator works in any industry and at any level; from manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, retail, real estate, etc. It can automate simple to complex processes saving companies time and effort. This tool transforms manual time-consuming processes into scheduled batch processes that roll behind the scenes.

Imagine you have 10 employees joining on similar dates.

As you probably know, JD Edwards requires you to navigate through several forms for a simple process. The New Hire Employee process requires up to 9 forms which would translate into 90 forms total for 10 employees.

Assuming it takes you 30 seconds (unrealistic) to fill each form, it would take you 45 minutes to register them all.

With JD Edwards Orchestrator and Process Recorder (JDE E1’s latest tool) you can automate this task and reduce the processing time from 45 minutes to 1 minute.

  • Process Recorder Screenshot
  • Orchestrator as an automation tool

In addition to the typical JSON input, JD Edwards Orchestrator now can read data in CSV format; easily importing from spreadsheets to generate the inputs.

Spreadsheet Screenshot

Once the process is recorded and the source file defined, it is time for the Orchestrator magic. With this simple automation process we are able to significantly reduce the time it takes to create new hire employees in JD Edwards.

Form Request Orchestration
Orchestrator Database Screenshot

Oracle continues to expand the capabilities and significance of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator as a framework to enable Digital Transformation.

Orchestrations can be used in five different usage patterns: Internet of Things, User Interface, Process Simplification, Integration or Autonomous ERP.

JD Edwards Orchestrator helps you and your business to enable more effective and efficient employees by simplifying their jobs and reducing repetitive, tedious tasks. Allowing them to spend more time solving issues, innovating tasks, and adding more value to the company.

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