Smartbridge Aids Businesses Exploring Digital Transformation Strategy

Smartbridge recently conducted two highly successful digital transformation workshops, focused on enhancing the strategy for JD Edwards customers. Hosted in Dallas and Houston, these workshops highlighted disruptive technologies such as IoT, mobility, cloud, enterprise document management and advanced analytics. New features in JDE 9.2 Update 1 that tie back to this strategy were also discussed.

However, digital transformation isn’t just for JDE.

Digital business transformation can be defined as the application of disruptive technologies to build new business models, processes, software, and systems that result in more profitable revenue, greater competitive advantage, and higher efficiency. These benefits present a significant incentive for rethinking how to run your business – and that is exactly what is happening.

“[Digital transformation] is very exciting for an industry like real estate,” says Huy Nguyen, Application Development and IT Director of Weingarten Realty. “[Mobility] is the number one thing I’ll tell my executive management team to look into – everybody today has some kind of mobile device.”

Ken Bedsole of Oil States Energy Services looks forward to embracing digital transformation fully. “It’s really going to change the way we do business going forward. The technical side is there, [but] the piece that needs to be developed is the application. You need to think about what you’re going to do with it and how it can give you a competitive advantage, which will not last long. You’ll have to continue to innovate, … it’s a process that never ends.”


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