Data Migration and Infrastructure Modernization for a Fortune 500 Food Services Company

Primary Objective

As part of a future-state enterprise data strategy program, the client made a decision to migrate their existing and new data assets to Azure‘s cloud data infrastructure that included Azure Data Lake and Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse.

EMPLOYEES: 175,000+
INDUSTRY: Restaurants

Key Challenges

The legacy data warehouse and BI infrastructure were not able to support the speed of business and analytics required. The large data volumes and analytical workload capacity, which was needed to support this increasing demand from the business and data scientists running sophisticated models, necessitated shifting to the cloud for its elasticity and scalability.

The client selected Smartbridge as its cloud partner through an extensive RFP process that involved big-4, large offshore providers and other boutique companies.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in restaurant technology innovation


A Smartbridge PM led the project, our cloud BI specialists designed the Azure infrastructure, architecture, and security from the ground up, and assisted in the provisioning of Azure services. Our team designed and built the data lake to support current and future analytical needs. They built integrations with Azure Data Factory and Attunity then loaded and migrated data to the new Azure cloud BI environment.


The client’s analytics team has access to data that previously was only accessible via manual processes and are able to perform complex analytics at scale in the cloud analytics workspace. The on-premise data warehouse has been migrated to a Snowflake data warehouse.

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