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Digital transformation is mainly about establishing best practice-based and documented business processes that are orchestrated across stakeholders to create efficiencies and agility. Companies should enable these processes with digital technologies, and automate where possible to execute them at optimal cost while focusing on topline growth.

Smartbridge consultants have worked with leading organizations in implementing business processes in the finance, AP, human capital management, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, retail, marketing and legal functions. We will establish the best practices-based process framework, implement systems to execute your processes, and ramp up your internal capabilities.

Looking for Robotic Process Automation?

Platform Services:

Smartbridge Capabilities

  • Business process analysis

  • Future state process design

  • Digital enablement of process with systems mapping

  • Process automation


Today, robotic process automation has grown from a “good to have” to a “must have” in the digital transformation of business, proving itself to be essentially recession proof through its enhanced functionalities.

The capabilities and bandwidth of RPA have increased rapidly, evolving into an intelligent automation tool capable of streamlining end-to-end business processes, as well as repetitive/rule-based tasks. Wherever you may be in your automation journey, we have the expertise, know-how, and resources you can trust.


RPA and Business Process Analysis

RPA and Business Process Analysis

Business process analysis is a unique method within the realm of business process management. Its goal is to analyze whether current processes are meeting the goals of an organization, and how those processes are carried out. Through the lenses of automation, we’ll walk you through the inner-workings of RPA and business process analysis.


HR Process Automation with M-Files

HR Process Automation with M-Files

Given the amount of information human resource departments are required to manage and secure, it’s not unfathomable that these HR processes can become difficult to organize. Enterprise Content Management solutions, such as M-Files, provide tools that can assist in streamlining and automating these activities while keeping private records in compliance and secure.


User Provisioning Process Automation for a Nationally-Recognized Real Estate Leader

User Provisioning Process Automation for a Nationally-Recognized Real Estate Leader

Smartbridge was assigned to automate the provisioning of new hires for the entire company. The end-goal driving the objective was to learn new and innovative ways to incorporate all applications required to complete the provisioning of new hires.

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