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Page Composer: A Liberation for JD Edwards Users (Part 4)

By | August 17, 2016|ERP / JD Edwards|

Gathering Intel For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users, Page Composer will open doors to other avenues. Users have control on what content their pages should [...]

Webinar Featuring JD Edwards Upgrading in the Cloud Scheduled for August 23

By | August 17, 2016|News|

Smartbridge will hold a new webinar on Tuesday, August 23 at 12PM CST titled, JD Edwards Simplified Upgrade + Cloud in Concert! Register for the [...]

XAML vs Programmatically Created Views in Xamarin Forms

By | August 5, 2016|Enterprise Mobility|

Usability in mobile applications is one of the most important things to consider during development. A user must be able to quickly and easily navigate [...]

Your Enterprise is Already Mobile. You Better Catch It!

By | August 4, 2016|Enterprise Mobility|

They're out there, you know? Right now. Your people - doing your business. Are they getting it right? Are they running into problems? How would [...]

Page Composer: A Liberation for JD Edwards Users (Part 3)

By | August 3, 2016|ERP / JD Edwards|

The Driving Force Freedom gained through liberation opens many doors. Doors open in this case for users to spend time saved towards other tasks. [...]

Oracle MAF Under The Hood – Display Images from JD Edwards in a MAF List

By | August 2, 2016|Enterprise Mobility, ERP / JD Edwards|

In my previous post in this series I discussed how Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) enables rapid client side development with the help of JDE [...]

What Oracle Doesn’t Tell You About the MAF Development Environment Setup

By | August 1, 2016|Enterprise Mobility, ERP / JD Edwards|

Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) has proven to a be a robust mobile development platform that enables rapid development of intuitive mobile applications. However, because [...]

DSI SubApps: May the Force Be With You

By | July 27, 2016|Development, Enterprise Mobility|

“Beep Boop Beep,” said a famous astromech droid while fixing the hyperdrive of the Millennium Falcon evading a fleet of enemies. Now the fact that [...]

Page Composer: A Liberation for JD Edwards Users (Part 2)

By | July 25, 2016|ERP / JD Edwards|

Organized Freedom As a feature of the new categorization of User Defined Objects (UDOs), Composed Pages created with Page Composer can be shared with [...]

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