Enabling Off-Premise Analytics with Olo and Novadine

Connecting Off-Premise Ordering and Point-of-Sale/Back-Office Systems

With the tremendous growth of off-premise restaurant business, most restaurants are implementing various channels for customers to place orders quickly and easily online, on mobile apps, and other digital channels. Many restaurants use online ordering platforms like Olo and Novadine to handle the digital orders and then inject those orders into their POS/BOS systems to fulfill those orders.

Restaurants adapting to accommodate take-out, delivery, catering and online group and individual orders are experiencing a whole new set of problems.

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Developing a Single, Consistent Datamart

A common challenge that usually follows is there is a gap in data on the backend to fulfill reporting and analytics needs based on just the data elements that are present in the POS/BOS system for these orders.

This was the case at a national multi-concept restaurant brand that was using Novadine and Olo platforms. They had major problems providing visibility into their online ordering metrics, causing other functional issues involving sales reconciliation.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in data & analytics for restaurants

Smartbridge was engaged to help build integrations from these 3rd party systems into the enterprise data warehouse to bring in the additional data elements required to get a full and unified view of all off-premise and digital ordering metrics.

We worked with the vendors and business analysts to create a functional mapping of data elements from multiple vendors into a single, consistent datamart that enabled both self-service analytics and executive dashboards to be built that gave a unified view of off-premise business.

The results were clearly a success. Questions are answered in minutes that used to take days due to manually-intensive data wrangling and sometimes inaccurate results.

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