Multi-Cloud Cost Management


multi-cloud cost management

Proactively monitor, measure, and manage your cloud costs

Moving to the cloud can help businesses advance their digital journey, improve agility, and increase their ability to quickly scale to meet business and market needs. Cloud platforms have made it easy to quickly provision new cloud services; at the same time, the cloud costs can start to add up rapidly across the cloud platforms.

With each cloud provider having their own cost reports that can be accessed on their admin console, how do you begin to make sense of it all without spending hours compiling consolidated cost details? CloudCents consolidates and simplifies the analysis of cloud costs across the major cloud platforms. Eliminate the manual consolidation of your cloud cost data. Analyze your costs and manage your cloud budget vs. actual to optimize your cloud resource utilization and associated costs.

Managing and visualizing your multi-cloud spend in a consolidated dashboard is not just about seeing what you have spent, but also about what action you can take to better manage and reduce the spend. CloudCents provides users with a content-rich library of best practices from how to optimize your deployed resources to tips and tricks on steps to take to reduce your costs.

92% of companies are using multiple clouds


multi-cloud cost management
Multi-Cloud Cost Management Dashboard Rollup

CloudCents Solution Capabilities:

  • Track, consolidate, and analyze cloud costs across the primary cloud platforms

  • Total cost overview as well as detail by each cloud

  • Time intelligent cost metrics and tracking

  • Access a content library for cloud best practices (coming soon)

  • Add your own feedback to share with others

  • Filter and drill down into low level details

multi-cloud cost management

The Multi-Cloud Cost Management Dashboard

Time intelligent cost metrics allow you to filter your cost and usage data by both year and month to identify cost trends by provider at different granularities.

Smartbridge’s centralized dashboard solution also provides visuals for cost variance over a specific period, revealing how your usage has changed over a 12-month scale. All visuals are cross filterable allowing you to identify which accounts, subscriptions, or products are expending the most costs.

Built on the leading business intelligence platform: Microsoft Power BI

multi-cloud cost management
Single Platform Cost Breakdown Structure

With this dashboard, organizations can keep track of these costs in near real-time, so there’s one location for all the information necessary to effectively track all your cloud costs.

  • Understand consolidated and individual provider cloud costs you are incurring across various dimensions

    • Cloud Vendors
    • Applications
    • Production vs. Non-Production
    • Period – Day, Week, Month, Quarter
    • Time of Day
  • Prevent unknown cost increases/surprises

  • Accurately forecast your cloud resources

  • Improve ability to show Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your cloud investment

  • Improve accountability of your technical team’s cloud spend

  • Learn best practices you can apply to reduce cloud costs for specific services you may be using

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