Azure Data Warehouse and Power BI Reporting for a Multinational Industrial Safety Services Company

Primary Objective

Our client was looking to automate the tracking of safety equipment rental. The client had a process that involved manually extracting and processing data from their CRM and ERP systems to create a board where they visualized active projects and managed equipment rentals. The client wanted a solution that was easy to maintain with the ability to scale up the capacity for future requirements.

EMPLOYEES: 10,000+
INDUSTRY: Industrial Safety Services


Smartbridge helped the client implement a complete end-to-end BI solution using Azure and Power BI. Our team designed and developed the data integration in Azure Data Factory to set up a cloud-based BI data warehouse and a digital board to track projects and equipment.   

The dashboard implemented not only provides visibility into projects and equipment requirements, but it also allows the client to easily search for equipment across active projects and visualize when they will be released in order to assign them to future projects.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in data & analytics solutions

Data & Analytics


The client gained the ability to visualize equipment requirements and transfers in real-time and make better decisions on equipment transfers to fulfill new orders.

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