Azure Data Warehouse and Power BI Reporting for a Multinational Industrial Safety Services Company

Primary Objective

Our client was running command centers with manual processes on whiteboards to track and fulfill the safety equipment needs of the various safety-related projects they undertake. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need to streamline, improve and digitally enable these processes so that management and operations have complete real-time visibility into the demand and supply of safety equipment to make informed operational decisions and take necessary actions. Management on whiteboards was no longer an option. The client wanted a solution that was easy to maintain with the ability to scale up the capacity for future requirements.

EMPLOYEES: 10,000+
INDUSTRY: Industrial Safety Services


Smartbridge designed and developed a “Digital Whiteboard” conceptual POC to demonstrate the ‘art of the possible’ to the management (phase 1). We implemented and operationalized the final solution with a modern (web and mobile) BI application consisting of several reports and dashboards (phase 2-2b).

Our team architected the complete end-to-end BI solution using Azure platform, database services, and Power BI reporting engine. Azure Data Factory pipelines were developed to load data from their ERP, Salesforce, and other systems in a new Azure cloud-based data warehouse.

The dashboards provide visibility into current and upcoming projects, equipment requirements, inventory at project sites, and warehouses. Operators can easily search and make informed decisions to fulfill the demand.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in data & analytics solutions


The core project was delivered end-to-end in an agile mode in 12 weeks. The BI solution completely transformed the manual processes into digitally-enabled processes. Operations and management gained visibility into the projects, equipment inventory at sites and warehouses, and current and future demands in real-time. They can now make better decisions, fulfill demand, optimize equipment utilization, and reduce capital costs associated with new purchases.

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